SVG Icons -

Why this site ?

As the most used open vectorial format, SVG is increasingly required by desktop environments for icons. Though, the official icons of software are quite laborious to find on the web, in a vectorial format. That's why this website is here. It doesn't aim to archive every software icons, but only the official or most resembling ones.

How to contribute ?

Everybody can contribute. To keep this page clean, I decided to manually check and add every new icon. Don't worry though, most of the work is done by programs. To propose a new svg icon, just send the svg file to the email address : adding at

You can also let people know about this website. Most of the visitors currently come from Google (I bet you do !).

Last added icons

Last addition : Wednesday 17th of February 2010, First addition : Tuesday 24th of April 2007.

Icons by software

There's currently 146 icons for 134 software.